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Say goodbye to all your customer support woes with this wonderful tool that helps track customer calls

We all know how important customers are to the growth and development of a business. Without a large and loyal customer base, it is impossible for a business to post revenue and generate profits from that. Hence, it is paramount that businesses ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised at any cost. EasyDesk helpdesk is a must have application for handling customer calls and maintaining a log with respect to them. This program is especially ideal for small to medium businesses which can’t come forward and spend a fortune on establishing a large scale customer support department with hundreds of executives. What this application allows the user to do is help in creating contacts for each individual customer and keeps track of their calls by posting the logs to a centralized database. The footprint of EasyDesk helpdesk is very small and there is no need for businesses to invest in additional resources to run it in their PCs. This applications runs smoothly even in machines with low-end specifications. One of the key highlights of this program is that it offers users a shared database which can be hosted easily on a hard disk or a separate resource. By doing so, several different users can simultaneously access the database through different computers and post their respective logs at the same time. The program’s user interface is not too intricate and it can be operated quite effortlessly without much trouble.
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